Hector Quintanar

Address: 3902 Palmer Dr

How long have you lived in Forest Creek? 25 years

My wife and I have been married 38 years. We have 4 children, three who are grown on their own, and one still in school.


  • Business Entrepreneur with International Supply Chain and International Project Management Skills with

  • Business in USA and Abroad. Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Manufacturing extra curricula at Harvard University

  • Served as member of my first home HOA Board and extensively worked in multi-country projects and multi-cultural difference


  • Well organized project management skills to produce results on time and within budget

  • Strong financial background to closely monitor Treasury funds and bank accounts

  • With 25 years in Forest Creek and planning to stay here much longer is our endeavor for the community and obligation to maintain our homes value, the look and feel of our community

  • I will always strive for WIN-WIN positions across agreements between any involved parties (Home Owners and HOA Board Members)

What motivates you to want to serve on the Board of Directors for the Forest Creek HOA?

As mentioned 28 years live in Round Rock and 25 in Forest Creek. I want to serve my community by working to do what’s best for Forest Creek.

Is there any other pertinent information that you would like to share?

  • Manage current FCHOA treasurer role for the last 9 years ensuring the Wall Project and Opex. expenses are kept within agreed budgets.

  • Manage to establish Local and International Companies in USA and abroad

  • Managed multiple cross-cultural teams

  • Project Management skills with WIN-WIN mentality for any managed project small or large

  • Financial background and proven treasury management results from $2.0 MUSD to $200.0 M USD projects.

  • Strive for at least 80% consensus in decisions that involved large communities.