Jeff Keller

Address: 2303 Chi Chis CV, Round Rock, TX 78664

How long have you lived in Forest Creek: 3 Years


My family and I moved to Austin about 4 years ago and into Forest Creek 3 years ago. My wife

Marta works in real state, primarily in property management managing 80+ properties in and

around Austin. Marta is also an avid fitness buff who spends much her time at the gym. We

have two wonderful kids, Cricket who is 10 and Astra who is 7. Cricket is into fashion and Harry

Potter and Astra creates elaborate backstories for Barbies and American Girls. We also have

the pleasure to have my Mother-in-Law Maria living with us from after spending almost her

entire life in Lawrence Kansas. She is an animal lover and has pet-sat for at least 20% of Forest

Creek residents.


I have spent the last 7 years at Apple with an extensive career in Retail supply chain

management. I have experience in electronics, cleaning chemicals, home grocery delivery, and

girls toys. I love my job in AppleCare as I spend most every day dealing in customer support.

I also proudly serve as the Treasurer for the Forest Creek Elementary PTA. It’s an honor to be a

part of all of the goings on at the school and supporting our overworked teachers, staff, and

students including my own. Join the PTA!

What motivates you to want to serve on the Board of Directors for the Forest Creek HOA?

I love this community and my neighbors. I believe that I can add value to Forest Creek with my

background in business, sourcing, negotiation, and customer support. My strengths include

building rapport and problem solving. I have attended a number of HOA meetings and

understand the frustrations of the neighborhood and believe I could make a positive impact

addressing those frustrations as well as developing long term solutions and planning.

Is there any other pertinent information that you would like to share?

I am usually out in my garage working on one project or another, come by and say Hi, borrow a

tool, or talk about the 80’s pop culture.

Thanks for your consideration.