Keith Chandler

Address: 3216 Bay Hill Lane

How long have you lived in Forest Creek? 18 years


My wife and I have lived in Forest Creek for 18 years. Now, my son also lives in Forest Creek.


I am a retired US Air Force officer, with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in

Occupational and Environmental Health. I have volunteered to serve on the Forest Creek HOA

Board of Directors for 16 years, filling every officer position over those years.

What motivates you to want to serve on the Board of Directors for the Forest Creek HOA?

I have always favored and worked for managing our HOA dues money to produce the most benefit

for our money, but I believe the investment into our community appearance and facilities is essential

for the future home value and safety of Forest Creek. With the average home value here being well

over $400K I believe it is essential for us to always strive for our community to be “the” premier

community in Round Rock.

Is there any other pertinent information that you would like to share?

Those of you who have lived here for years know my dedication to our community. I have provided

volunteer management of numerous Forest Creek projects making sure the projects are an asset to the

community and improving the home value. I helped design the Fencecrete Replacement Project on

Forest Creek Drive as well as the major renovation of the pool, the new pool house and splash pad. I

provided contract supervision and was on site almost every day during the construction, working

closely with contractor to make sure the job was done to the highest standards and costs were kept

within budget. While on the board I revived the idea of bringing reclaimed water to our greenbelt

irrigation, both saving HOA money and being environmentally responsible. I worked with city

officials and supervised this project to its completion and well below expected cost. I also worked

with the city officials and the HOA Board to make sure our commercial lots were developed with

businesses that are compatible with our community. I initiated, and the community supported, the

creation of a Capital Improvement Reserve Savings account, which put us in a position to take on

major capital improvements in a timely manner without a special assessment. There are hundreds of

less visible things that I initiated and worked with other board and community members to establish

clear and fair rules, policies, and procedures to make management easier, consistent, in compliance

with changing State rules and maintain Forest Creek as a first class and highly desirable community,

and hopefully, my home for the rest of my days.