Need a key fob?

Need a key?  

The key gives you access to the Pool and the Tennis Courts.  

To obtain one you must fill out the Amenities Acknowledgement and Waiver Consent Form. (if you have a problem with this link, try this location and download the file : Communications>Documents>HomeownerDocuments )

Send the completed waiver form to RealManage at along with your request for a key.  Please provide information such as:


Name of Owner( and Tenant if applicable):

Contact Info (email is preferred):

New Owner: yes / no .. this will let us know that any previous keys for the property are to be transferred/deactivated as appropriate.

Each address can be issued up to two keys at no charge.  Most homes can get by with just one... and if that initial key is lost, the second one will be issued.   

There is a $30 fee for each additional key.

Just moved in? Planning on moving out?

The previous owner may have left a key behind for you to use.  But before you do, please complete the waiver form and submit (See above).  This will transfer the key into your name and prevent issues such as inadvertent deactivation when it is determined that the owner of the home has moved.  Some owners are even proactive enough to notify use that they are moving and ask what to do with the keys.  We ask that they leave them for the next owner with instructions to submit a waiver to have them reactivated.

Problems with a key?

If you have a key, and it does not work, these are possible reasons: 

1. Key was not reactivated after the last "purge" which happened in the spring of 2012.  Action: Submit a new Waiver (see above) and request the key be activated.

2. Key was deactivated because of outstanding dues.  Action: Pay dues and request the key be activated.

3. Key is just not working

Action: If the key gives an indication that it is read at the gates (the lights respond in some way), then we can probably get the key to work. 

Send a request with your name, address and description of the problem to

Include the key number if possible and  a time and date that the key was last tried

4. Cannot read the number on the key.

Send an email to with your address, and if possible the last time you used the key.  We will be able to tell you your key #.