Updated ARC Standards

Post date: Aug 23, 2017 5:47:17 PM

The ARC standards have been updated to include a couple of new items:

Painting brick or stone: Board felt this neighborhood is not old enough to have such things done. However, if circumstances change or are sufficiently justified, the waiver process is still possible. But, as a general rule, painting brick and stone is not allowed.

Lighting standards clarified: 5.7.H : Strings of lights are acceptable for non-holiday exterior lighting under the following conditions: Confined to the backyard only. Twinkling, flashing, and rapidly color-changing are prohibited. All strings of lights must be in good taste and in good repair or be immediately removed. All exterior permanent lighting must be connected to a permanent electrical fixture with a fault protected circuit and meet electrical code. Soffit electrical outlets connected to switches are ideal. Light strings along the ground are not acceptable walkway lighting. (Amended Aug. 2017)

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