Forest Creek Golf Course : Memorandum

Post date: Oct 3, 2017 7:14:21 PM


To: Forest Creek Homeowners

CC: Brian Stillman; Val D’Souza

From: Jeff Dayton

Date: 10/3/2017

RE: Walking, Pet walking, riding bicycles on the Golf Course

Dear Homeowners,

We take pride in providing you a beautiful golf course property to enjoy and be associated with as a Forest Creek Homeowner. Our goal is to provide a facility that values safety first. For this reason, we need to remind the homeowners that the golf course is for use by golfers only.

We understand that many of you have used the property for walking, dog walking, bicycle riding, and even baby strolling over the years. Please be advised that this needs to cease, as there is tremendous danger and liability, should an accident occur from a piece of golf course machinery, a golf cart, an errant golf ball, or an unusual ground condition.

In the near future, the management of Forest Creek Golf Club will be posting signs at all areas of the golf course that intersect with local streets. These signs will state something to the effect of: “No Trespassing: Golfers only”. Again, we want to continue our great relationship with the homeowners of Forest Creek. We respectfully ask for your cooperation with this important policy, as it pertains to the safety of all.


Jeff Dayton, GM