1. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by the adult resident while at the pool.

    2. It is each parent’s responsibility to keep alert of their child’s whereabouts at all times while inside the swimming pool and other amenity areas.

    3. The amenity facilities are for the exclusive use by the Forest Creek HOA members (and authorized residents) and their accompanied guests. Members are responsible for the supervision and conduct of their guests. All others will be treated as trespassers.

    4. Park closes at sundown. Tennis courts close at 10 P.M. Trespassers will be prosecuted.

    5. Amenity area is under video surveillance 24 hours a day. Trespassing or vandalism will be prosecuted.

    6. No pets allowed in the tennis courts or pool area. Pets will be on a leash at all times. This is a “people park”, pick-up after your pets.

    7. No use of radios or other noise producing devices except during HOA sponsored events.

    8. No use of profanity or threatening, abusive, boisterous or insulting language while on the premises.

    9. No lewd or offensive behavior of any kind.

    10. No glass containers of any kind in the amenity area. Place all trash in the trash bins.

    11. The use of roller blades, scooters or skateboards is not allowed in the park, pool or tennis court. (There are no facilities in the amenity area suitable for these activities at this time.)

    12. The gates in the amenity area are to remain closed and locked at all times. Do not prop open the gates or admit unsupervised visitors or children.

    13. All guests must be accompanied and supervised by an adult resident at all times. Each resident family may bring up to five (5) guests to the pool.

    14. The pool will be reserved for HOA sponsored activities such as the Forest Area Swim Team (FAST Frogs). The pool may not be reserved for private parties. Limited hours will be posted on the HOA web site.

    15. Babies and those children that are not toilet trained must wear tight fitting, plastic lined swim diaper AND a swimsuit. Disposable swim diapers like Huggies Little Swimmers are not allowed. (They can clog and destroy the pumps.) Children/Infants that are sick with Diarrhea shall not enter the pool!

    16. Children that are not water safe, including those utilizing water wings or any other type of floatation device, must be accompanied in the water by a parent or guardian over the age of 18 and be within arms length distance at all times.

    17. Any person having a skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, open wounds, or any communicable disease shall not enter the pool.

    18. No tanning “oil” is allowed in the pool (it collects and gums up the filtering system) Sunscreen “lotions” are acceptable and recommended if applied at least 10 minutes before entering the water. Showers are recommended before entering the pool.

    19. No running, pushing, scuffling, or rough play, is permitted in the pool area. No footballs, or tennis balls, soccer balls, basket balls or any other ball that upon impact could hurt other swimmers or cause other damage to the facility are allowed inside the pool area.

    20. No diving or jumping into the pool. No “somersaults”, “back dives”, “cannon balls”, “preacher seats”, “can openers” or similar type entries from the edge of the Pool are permitted.

    21. No food or drinks in or within eight (8) feet of the pool.

    22. No tobacco products of any kind are permitted inside the gates of the pool.

    23. Proper swimming suits only in the pool. No thongs, cut-offs, tee-shirts, or street clothing.

    24. All bobby pins, hairpins and other such items that can fall out of the hair and clog the filtering system are to be removed before entering the pool.

    25. Water toys: Water wings and small, one-person floats, “noodles”, etc. are allowed. Only rubber coated sinking devices may be used for diving games. (Rocks or metal objects can damage the surface of the pool). Balloons are NOT allowed inside the gated pool area. (Broken balloons, like diapers, clog our pumps, which are expensive to repair.)

    26. The pool furniture is not to be removed from the pool area. Other furniture is not to be brought into the pool area.

    27. In the event of inclement weather, swimmers are to clear the pool during the storm and for at least thirty (30) minutes after lightning and/or thunder are last heard.

    28. It is the responsibility of all residents to report any suspicious behavior or unsponsored non-residents that are in the pool and park area.

    29. Users of the pool area are responsible for removing all articles they bring to the pool at the time they leave the area.

    30. Shoes or sandals are to be worn while walking to the pool, so that only clean feet enter the pool.

Failure to abide by these rules will be grounds for expulsion from the facilities and possible suspension of privileges.

Pool Monitors