Fencecrete Replacement Project Phase 2

Post date: Sep 7, 2017 4:52:32 PM


As most of you know, the Forest Creek HOA has undertaken a long term project to replace the

Fencecrete fencing along the collector roads with a solid masonry wall. Phase 1 along St.

Andrews and across from the school is already complete.

Phase 2 of the Forest Creek HOA Fencecrete Replacement Project is due to begin in October.

Phase two covers Forest Creek Drive from the park to the north end, on the west side (Long

Cove side). Phase 3 will cover the east side of the same area but is not yet approved or funded.

The HOA will hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss the future of Phase 3. You can find

drawings of the project on the HOA website or link to:


The project begins with the installation of temporary fencing in the yards to secure the yard and

keep in pets and children, followed by the demolition of the Fencecrete. The contractor then lays

out the exact path of the wall and seeks approval from the architect, the City and HOA contract

manager. Upon approval of the path, the irrigation in the back yard and the HOA greenbelt is

turned off and construction begins. Construction is not officially finished in a section until the

wall is sealed and landscaping has been repaired. This project is expected to move much more

quickly than Phase 1. The goal and the pace required by contract is that no yard will be impacted

more than 6-8 weeks. This project is scheduled for cooler weather to minimize the impact of

turning off the irrigation.

Some lots have trees or bushes very close to the fence. Any tree that is close enough to threaten

the long term life of the wall or makes it difficult to construct the wall will be trimmed or

removed entirely at HOA expense. Irrigation and landscaping close to the wall may be damaged

by construction. The contractor is required to repair the irrigation and landscaping, and replace

landscaping bushes with the equivalent plant, but of a much less mature size (typically 3 gallon

plants). Transplanting impacted plants or bushes is not in the contract. Any discussion with the

HOA about replacing removed trees will be on a case by case basis. This wall is expected to be

around for over 100 years so trees that will ultimately grow large cannot be planted less than 36”

from the new wall.

Keith Chandler

Project Manager

VP, Forest Creek HOA