City’s new Tool Lending Center

Post date: Apr 23, 2014 7:47:00 PM

The City’s new Tool Lending Center is now up and running. We were proud to debut the Tool Lending Center with the Heart of Round Rock Neighborhood Association during their downtown cleanup with the assistance of local businesses and churches. We have two Tool Lending Centervideos that are now live on the web. The first is a City of Round Rock produced video. It is a 40 second video quickly explaining the Tool LendingCenter and how to contact me to reserve it. The second video and corresponding news story was published by Mr. John Speasmaker from and it goes more in depth about the creation of the Tool Lending Center and cleanup event. Please feel free to share them with your residents and contact me with any questions about the Tool Lending Center or how to bring it to your next cleanup event.

City of Round Rock video - video and news story -

Thank you,

Joseph Brehm

Neighborhood Services Coordinator

City of Round Rock, Texas




Joe Brehm is going to be bringing one of the trailers to The Neighborhood Watch Spring Carnival on May 10th so residents will be able to see what is available up close and personal!