Neighborhood Watch Committee Chairperson: Seeking new NW Committee Chairman to lead the NW Team. Concerned about security issues in Forest Creek? Interested in making contacts with the Round Rock Police Department and Round Rock Fire Department? Want to make a difference in your community. This is one of the most exciting volunteer positions available to FC Residents. Training will be provided.

Time requirements: modest. Quarterly meetings, email updates, some telephone calls and interaction with the BoD and Block Captains. Communicate as the lead contact in Forest Creek.

Neighborhood Watch: Seeking new Block Captains (BC) for all Neighborhoods. The BC works to build an email list for all neighbors adjacent to their home (Usually about 15 – 25 homes). The BC communicates neighborhood activities to their Block via email, supervises the area for any potential issues/concerns (e.g. suspicious activity/vehicles, solicitors, etc.) and communicates to RRPD, and the Neighborhood Watch Chairman.

Time requirements: modest. Quarterly/Annual meetings, email updates, some telephone calls and interaction with nearby neighbors. Communicate as the focal point of your Block any street/area concerns to RRPD, the HOA Board or Property Management Company.

Traffic Committee/Pace Car Program - the BoD would like a volunteer to head a small committee to review Traffic issues in Forest Creek.

Time requirements: modest. Several meetings to learn about issues, traffic calming programs and what RRPD can/can’t do to assist. Review findings and validate. Make recommendation to the Board.

Flag Management - The BoD would like to invite an individual, Veterans or any of the local Boy/Girl Scout Troops help manage our American Flag duties. Responsibilities include raising and lowering the Flag on designated Half-Staff days.

Time requirements: minimal and only on select days.

Board of Director Candidates – considered becoming a Forest Creek Board of Director.

Help make a positive contribution to your neighborhood! Here are a few suggestions as to how you might personally benefit from the experience of being a Board Member for one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Round Rock. Perhaps this list might sway you to consider submitting your application.

1. Get to know your neighborhood and neighbors, Network

2. Make new friends and be part of a team (BoD, HOA, Community & City)

3. Gain leadership skills and learn other new skills

4. Keep busy and stay challenged

5. Become an HOA insider, feel proud, gain status, be recognized and feel needed

6. Build your resume, have an impact and implement change

Time requirements: Medium. Monthly BoD Meetings, action items, research options to be considered and proposed, email updates, some telephone calls. Make recommendations to the Board. Roles include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Director.