Golf Course Range Lighting

Post date: Apr 18, 2018 2:02:26 PM

In response to a question about the new lighting for the driving range being installed, we received the following from the City of Round Rock:


April 16, 2018

I can appreciate your concerns regarding the new driving range lighting and, now that the poles are in place, I am not surprised to hear from you and any other homeowners in close proximity to the range.

Please rest assured that the highest level of planning was put into the project to illuminate the range, and to prevent spill over to adjacent properties. To do so, the lighting we are installing is the very latest in Musco LED lighting technology. Each fixture is laser pointed for accuracy and shielded to prevent light spill. The end result of this lighting method allows us to know with pinpoint accuracy exactly where, and to what light level, the light will go.

For your reference, I have attached the light impact study for this project. As you will see, the light from the pole locations is almost entirely confined to the range, golf shop area, and a small amount on hole #1 fairway. The image does show the light trailing down to the hole #9 tee area, and hole #8; however, the image does not account for the differences in elevation in those areas or for the tree line around the range, which will block the remaining light out from those areas.

While the light itself will not be intrusive to adjacent property owners, we fully understand that having golfers on the range in the evenings will be new to our neighbors around the course. To help alleviate that concern, the City and the golf course management team have already established that the lights will turn off and the range will close no later than 10pm every evening.

I believe and am hopeful that most of your neighbors and others in the Forest Creek HOA are already aware of this lighting plan, as the information was presented to everyone who attended our golf course renovation open house meetings. In addition, our golf course general manager has also presented the plan at a Forest Creek HOA meeting.

If you are aware of any of your neighbors who were not yet aware of the plan, or if any of them also have questions or concerns, please feel free to pass this information along and/or ask them to contact me directly. I will be more than happy to answer this question or any others they have about the project.


Brian Stillman Sports Facilities & Operations Manager

Sports Management & Tourism | City of Round Rock