Acknowledgement and Waiver Consent Form

Rules are under amenities rules on Amenities page.

There is NO Lifeguard on Duty. Swim at your own risk.

Pool Hours of Operation:

Open 10am-9pm daily

Adult Lap Swim 6-10am

Fast Frogs schedule: Each year the Forest Area Swim Team contracts with us to hold practices at our pool and other pools in the area. The basic schedule is as follows:

Afternoons before schools is out for summer:

Mon-Thurs (April ?th-May ?th) 4:45 pm - 8:00 pm 6 lanes

Mornings after school is out for summer:

Mon-Fri (June ?th) 6:30am - 9:45 am 6 lanes

**Tot and splash pool area and one lane of the main pool will still be open for HOA members

Pool Monitors:

Here is the board's general theory behind having Monitors:

We have monitors because people will not follow rules if they think no one is watching or enforcing the rules.

Most people do not want to "police" their neighbors.

So while you are at the pool and a Monitor was on duty...

Did anyone bring glass into the pool area?

Was there any vandalism?

Was there unreasonable horseplay in the pool area?

Was there anyone in the pool under 16 not accompanied by an adult?

Was there trash in the pool or overflowing from the trash bins?

Was there any lewd or offensive behavior?

Were there skateboarders in the pool area?

Was there food or drink within 8 ft of the pool?

Did you have to step in to enforce any of these rules?

These are some of the rules the monitor is there to ensure are enforced so that you and I do not have to.

However, Monitors are not lifeguards. Nor are they security guards. They sometimes have other duties such as checking the chemical levels of the pool and reporting incidents of failed equipment or contamination to the pool maintenance company or property management company.

It has been our experience that this minimum level of supervision at the pool goes a long way to abate the issues we would see otherwise.

We do limit the time the monitors are on duty to the hours and dates when the pool is most used... this is purely a cost vs benefit measure.