How do I get access to Documents and the Directory and other private areas of the site?

Join the google group ForestCreekHOA : Joining

How do I get on the Forest Creek HOA mailing list?

Join the google group ForestCreekHOA : Joining

How do I volunteer to help maintain this website?

Just ask! Let us know what you want to contribute.

When are the assessment fees due?

The association assessment fees are due on October 1.

Current Annual Assessment is $600**.

**If you choose to pay the assessment in quarterly installments, there is an additional $40 fee (making the annual payments total $640)

Who do I call if there is an emergency?

Emergency situations include fire, plumbing, roof leaks or weather-related damage.

We are working this out...

Who are our Board Members?

The Board is comprised of five residents:

Board of Directors

How can I contact the Board?

Use the Comments or Questions page to submit your query.

Or email them directly. See the Board of Directors page for email addresses. at President, Vicepresident, Secretary, Treasurer, or Operations @ forestcreekhoa.org

Physical Address of the Amenities Center/Pool

3600 Harvey Penick Dr

Can I reserve the park or pool for a party?

No, but feel free to have a party at the pool or park. Use of the facilities is on a first come - first serve basis. But please be respectful of other homeowners. We all pay for these facilities and have equal rights to use them. (oh, and be sure to clean up when you leave!)

Can I have a lesson at the Tennis Courts?

Any resident is free to reserve the courts for a lesson. An instructor is not allowed to "set up shop" and use our courts event if he/she is a resident. But as long as the students are residents, it is allowed. There are a couple of good instructors in the area. I probably should not endorse one here... but just ask around.

What property does the HOA own?

This is not an easy question to answer... but basically, the HOA owns the Park, pool and Tennis courts. There are also a couple of parcels of land around the neighborhood that belong to the HOA, and because of the requirement that we get 2/3 majority of voting members to approve any sale of these lots, we can in effect, never sell them.

We also are responsible for all the right of ways in the neighborhood that do not belong to individual property owners. These include most, but not all, of the areas where you see a fencecrete or stone fence.

What is the deal with the Enclave? Are they part of our HOA?

No they are not, but they do pay an assessment to help maintain the right-of-way up to their community.

They are actually their own HOA, and the fence that backs up to their property is not our HOA's responsibility to maintain.

How many homes are in our HOA?

1186 - give or take...